Put The Power In Your Hands.

Put the power in your hands.

Energy insight solutions to holistically manage your consumption, reduce costs & improve operational efficiency.

Reduce energy bills
Increase profits
Pinpoint wasted energy

Good decisions can only be made with intelligent information.

Good decisions can only be made with intelligent information.

Most organisations struggle to lower their energy bill because they lack the information needed to manage their consumption effectively.

It’s likely that yours is no exception. And it concerns you because it’s affecting the bottom line and it threatens your reputation of cost control.


Take control of your consumption.

Take control of your consumption.

Visualise your energy

The Centrica cloud-based platform PowerRadar™ allows you to easily view & manage your energy to develop a data-driven energy strategy to reduce costs & downtime.

Control every kVA

When you know how energy is being consumed you can change operational procedures to help combat the effects of load shedding & reduce energy costs.

Uncover abuse

Illegal connections & employee abuse can go undetected for long periods. Without evidence it’s difficult to pinpoint where abuse is occurring & put a stop to it.

The energy crisis affects us all.

The energy crisis affects us all.

Finding sustainable ways to do business with the lowest environmental impact and cost is a global issue.  Large organisations like yours need access to innovative energy monitoring tools and systems. 

It’s why THOHO Energy secured a partnership with Centrica and brought it to Africa.

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The proven energy insights solution for big energy consuming entities. Centrica is a FTSE 100 listed company based in the United Kingdom.

How the technology works

How the technology works

Our Energy Insights Solutions consist of our Panoramic Power sensor technology, which is a market leader in cost and ease of installation, enabling rapid deployment across a facility with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Understand and analyse your sensor and 3rd party meter data in our powerful cloud-based platform – PowerRadar™. Leverage PowerRadar’s comprehensive insights to drive efficiencies and lower operational costs.


Self-powered and non-intrusive wireless sensors – combined with your utility meters, collect real-time energy data and analytics from your devices & equipment at a circuit-level of granularity.


Sensors and utility meters continuously collect & deliver data in real-time to our system. Cloud-based technology adheres to strict security & privacy standards, ensuring your network and asset safety.

Analysis & Action

PowerRadar™ provides a powerfully simple platform to understand your energy consumption. The cloud-based software allows you to view and manage your energy from anywhere and develop an informed, data-driven energy strategy.

Ready to put the power in your hands?

Ready to put the power in your hands?


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We collate what we need

We’ll meet with you to understand your problems and what you need achieve. A site visit will allow us to assess the infrastructure so we can provide you with a comprehensive proposal including concept designs, BOQ and pricing.


You take control over every kVA

We install your Centrica Insights Energy Solution and you put a stop to escalating energy bills and start making more profit.

Maximise Profits With Managed Consumption.

Maximise Profits With Managed Consumption.

When you don’t have enough information about your energy consumption you can’t make informed decisions to reduce spend, and improve operational efficiencies.

An energy insights solution with real-time data from THOHO Energy will allow you holistically manage your consumption so you can put a stop to escalating energy bills and start making more profit.